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Sean Butcher

Sean Butcher, Editor


Specialities: SEO StrategyTechnical SEO

Sean would describe himself as reliable, organised and driven. He is motivated by creating a positive impact, both for members of his team and for his clients. One of Sean’s most significant life experiences was the five years he spent living and working in Manchester – an incredibly diverse city full of great people and characters, plus the best football team in the world (the red one). Along with SEO, Sean’s main passions are his family, music, food (especially burgers) and walking.

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Simon Schnieders

Simon Schnieders, Deputy Editor


Specialities: SEO StrategyBusiness Strategy

Simon would describe himself as driven yet patient. He has had many life experiences that have altered his views and actions, such as living in Miami for seven years, having a child, and working in various diverse environments (including Yell, Mail Online, and Zoopla). Simon is passionate about his family, Blue Array and the great industry he’s involved in!

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Tom Pool, Contributor


Specialities: Technical SEO

Tom would describe himself as motivated, geeky and passionate. Tom doesn’t take life for granted, and doesn’t waste any opportunities thrown his way! He is passionate about technology, biking, gaming and coding, as well as furthering his own knowledge of SEO, as well as in subjects outside of the industry.

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Kim Dewe, Contributor


Specialities: SEO StrategyData and Analytics

Kim would describe herself as persistent, creative and spontaneous. Originally from New Zealand, Kim loves to travel and is passionate about startups and adventure sport. She sees every experience as a chance to grow and expand her knowledge.

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Dylan Yates, Contributor


Specialities: SEO Strategy

Dylan would describe himself as efficient, rational, and thoughtful. He is passionate about writing, family, adventure and music – he even records his own gangsta hip hop tunes! These hobbies help him balance his personal and professional lives. He believes that having a step son has shaped into a better person, and has helped give him a very positive outlook on life.

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Hannah Wilkinson, Contributor

Specialities: Business Strategy

Hannah would describe herself as organised, classy and thoughtful. She used to work for both British Airways and easyJet as cabin crew, which taught her to be prepared for anything. Hannah loves old films and musicals, and this quote from ‘Alice in Wonderland’ is her mantra: “There’s no point looking back at yesterday because I was a different person then!”. She even plays the saxophone! Talk about jack of all trades…

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Naomi Sanderson, Contributor


Specialities: Technical SEOVideo SEOLocal SEO

Naomi would describe herself as compassionate, inventive and analytical. Need something fixed? She’s your girl! (She’s even got her own soldering iron!). Naomi is inspired by seeing good work appreciated, and is very loyal to her friends and family. She’s motivated by helping them achieve their goals as well as her own. Naomi believes it is important to have a balance between personal and professional lives, as having a clear mind the next day is always best.

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Gregory Edwards, Contributor


Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Gregory would describe himself as self-motivated, positive and enthusiastic. He is passionate about football, eating exotic food and everything to do with fashion – he even wants to start his own clothing line. Gregory enjoys developing himself not only in the world of SEO but also as an individual hence why he wants to travel the world to experience how other people live.

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Jordan Francis, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Jordan would describe himself as optimistic, creative and determined. He is passionate about football, and also enjoys graphic design. He is currently learning (or trying to learn…) how to play the ukulele! Jordan recently graduated with a degree in Business and Marketing and is looking forward to kickstarting his career in SEO.

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Luci Wood, Contributor

Specialities: SEO StrategyData and Analytics

Luci would describe herself as imaginative, empathetic and corgi-mad. She loves trying different types of tea and boasts a very impressive ‘tea cupboard’ at home. In her spare time, Luci enjoys long beach walks in Devon with her mischievous corgi, Milo.

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David Gale, Contributor

Specialities: SEO StrategyData and Analytics

David would describe himself as ambitious, detailed and is always looking to learn and improve professionally. David holds a degree in Business and Information Systems and a post graduate diploma in Digital Marketing. David enjoys watching and playing football, keeping an eye on Fintech and new money management apps (from his days working in Financial Services) and is currently in training for a 10km run.

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Matt Williamson, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Matt would describe himself as friendly, motivated and efficient, both inside and out of work. One of the his most important life experiences was attending university, which did wonders for his confidence and independence. Matt’s main passions are film and fitness, spending a large amount of time in the gym or a cinema screen.
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Steph Whatley, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Steph would describe herself as compassionate, analytical and tenacious. She loves learning and studied Criminology at University, which everyone mistakes for Forensic Science when she tells them! Studying the theories and methods behind Criminology helped her get to grips with data analysis and critical thinking which comes in handy for SEO!
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Mike Stepney, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Mike would describe himself as reliable, creative and self motivated. He is motivated most by an ongoing thirst for knowledge and a desire to hone his SEO expertise. He maintains a healthy work life balance. Often finding himself thinking about search strategies whilst surfing, snowboarding, hiking, fly-fishing and of course spending time with his family.
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Nicky Elson, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Nicky would describe himself as creative, friendly and level-headed. He is passionate about art, sound design and music production and loves nothing more than making strange music from old equipment he’s picked up at carboot sales and auction sites. He has recently won two awards at the British Podcast Awards for his volunteer work in the field of drug policy and law reform. Nicky also loves to experiment with food and drink and after a couple of years managing a bar in Soho, he likes to think he can make a mean Old Fashioned.
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Tom Yates, Contributor

Specialities: Content & KeywordsLink Building

Tom would describe himself as driven, inquisitive and reliable. Tom studied history at university and hopes to use the analytical and written skills taken from his degree while working as an SEO. Tom loves sports but especially football, he also enjoys walks in the countryside and visiting new places.
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Vicky Mills, Contributor

Specialities: Technical SEO

Vicky would describe herself as creative and hardworking. Her hobbies include painting, drawing and gaming. She completed a Computer Games Programming course at Derby University where she found her real passion to be in criticising and finding improvements to existing work. Upon discovering SEO, Vicky realised that she could explore this as a career path and has been enjoying it ever since.
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