About Blue Array

Part agency. Part consultancy. ‘Consulgency’, if you will.

About Blue Array

Our company values

At Blue Array our people are our number one priority, and maintaining our culture as we grow is highly important to us.

Our core values define how we work as an organisation and represent what we stand for both internally and externally. They act as a guide for the decisions that we make and unite us in a shared vision and identity.

We’re always looking out for the best in the industry from a technical perspective to come and work with us, but we also want to build an environment full of people that share our values, beliefs and behaviours.

Below you can see the five core values that we live by here at Blue Array.


Do one thing well

“We are focused obsessively on SEO, believing it’s far better to be specialists, not generalists. Only offering best-in-class SEO expertise makes us unique and sets us apart from other agencies.”


Do it as a team

“We are collaborative, believing we work best when sharing our learnings and experiences with each other. We work in collaboration with our clients on sustainable, ongoing SEO strategies that achieve long-lasting results.”


Do it with integrity

“We are honest with our clients and with each other. We build relationships formed on transparency, trust & integrity which extend beyond revenue or profit.”


Do it with class

“We are confident, though not arrogant, in our communication to clients and each other. Our confidence is formed through years of combined experience and a shared ambition to be the very best in the industry.”


Do what’s right

“We are supportive and offer an environment that encourages the development of everyone around us. We ensure we’re always open, approachable with a friendly and empathetic attitude.”

About us

So different, we had to make up a whole new word to describe ourselves.

Here at Blue Array, we’re not like a traditional SEO agency. From the day we launched in early 2015, we’ve been pioneering a unique hybrid of agency and consultancy that we call a consulgency®. It’s an approach that allows us to give our clients the individual attention they need, at the same time as using proven techniques and tools honed in-house in an agency environment. It’s how we give you what we like to call an ‘unfair advantage’ over your competition.

Disciplined and focused specialist team, big skills

As a client, our way of doing things means you get the best of both worlds: the whistles and bells you expect from an agency, with the strategic thinking and expertise of a consultancy. We take a consultative approach to SEO, but we have the ability to scale like an agency when needed. That’s how we’re able to specialise in large-scale SEO – and why we’re trusted by some of the country’s leading brands and most promising start-ups.

Our small and dedicated team is led by Simon Schnieders, who’s spent his career achieving great SEO results for big names like Zoopla and Mail Online. Bringing this experience to his management of Blue Array, he’s built a hard-working team of SEO enthusiasts, many of whom are shareholders in the company. That means it’s in all our interests to get the best results for our clients, every time. We do that within a culture of transparency and accountability.

Fast facts about Blue Array

  • We have offices in Central London. Our head office is in Reading. It’s just a couple of minutes from the train station and you’ll always find a coffee and a smile welcoming you there.
  • We were in the top 1% of contributors to JustGiving last year through our very generous referral scheme for clients.
  • Our name comes from the blue links of the search results pages and the ‘array’, or the order they’re presented in.

Blue Array is a certified B Corp

We’re committed to being part of a movement of companies verified to meeting the highest standards of social and environmental criteria and using our company as a force for good in the world – doing business with us supports this movement.

SEO services from Blue Array

If you’d like to talk to us about your SEO requirements, feel free to contact us and we’ll chat over a coffee. In the meantime, you can also subscribe to our popular SEO newsletter to get the latest from the world of organic search delivered straight to your inbox each week.