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Driving traffic, but not seeing the results you were hoping for? Our CRO experts will help you to refine your website’s performance with actionable, impactful insights.

Conversion rate optimisation (CRO) is all about maximising the potential of both new and existing traffic.

Our experienced team will work with you to analyse existing performance and uncover opportunities to enhance your website’s profitability through qualitative & quantitative research, site design changes, structured A/B testing, and more.

Choose your package

Choose your package

We offer varying levels of support to suit your business and budget.

Whether you’re looking for an initial audit to identify key bottlenecks on your site, or more comprehensive research based on en-mass user testing and focus groups, we have a solution that fits

Uncover your opportunities

Uncover your opportunities

All of our packages are designed to provide you with actionable insights and recommendations.

Our data-driven CRO methodology will help you understand why users behave in the way that they do, and how you can implement a structured testing strategy to improve their experience and ultimately drive more conversions.

Get ongoing expert support with a CRO retainer

Get ongoing expert support with a CRO retainer

With our CRO & insights retainer, we work with you on an ongoing basis to provide continuous research, recommendations and analysis, beyond the initial audit.

Our approach to CRO

Comprehensive website auditing

Comprehensive website auditing

We employ a mix of qualitative and quantitative methods to gather data and uncover opportunities based on your site’s existing performance.

Premium tech stack

Premium tech stack

Partnering with industry leaders VWO, we can achieve efficient discovery and deployment of recommendations.

Data-driven recommendations

Data-driven recommendations

It’s not just about changing the colour of a button and hoping for the best! Our hypotheses are backed by in-depth research, and recommendations are prioritised accordingly.

Measuring success

Measuring success

If working together on an ongoing basis, we offer custom reporting solutions and data-driven stretch targets to ensure our strategy is always on-track.

Empowering your team

Empowering your team

We’ll work with you to develop and implement a structured test and learn framework, so you can continuously develop your CRO strategy beyond the initial audit.

CRO with SEO in mind

CRO with SEO in mind

We also offer best-in-class SEO expertise, and understand how your organic strategy works hand-in-hand with CRO to drive long-term success.

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Our CRO tech stack

Google Analytics VWO

Clients we’ve helped

Beatriz Montoya (COO) of Simply Business

“They’ve really gotten to know our business the past 18 months and have been hugely successful in their SEO efforts. Blue Array have gone above and beyond the call of duty.”

Andrew Jervis (Co-Founder) of ClickMechanic

“Blue Array is a rare gem in an industry that is often clouded by mis-information and uncertainty. Put simply I really could not recommend them highly enough! Thank you!”

Mike Lowe (Head of Business Development) of The Post Office<

“We’ve achieved the best rankings ever for our Life and Travel Insurance products. The CMO and I have been deeply impressed with Blue Array, you’re a credible agency with integrity who deliver results”

Packages & pricing

CRO initial audit (silver)

7 days

UX & VWO analysis (gold)

9 days

CRO bespoke (platinum)

Enquire for duration

Is it for you?

Businesses that are gaining organic traffic and growth, but want to investigate to see if they can make more of the traffic they’re gaining. This is a great starting point for businesses looking to start work on CRO and to start getting an idea for where bottlenecks may be on their site.

What’s included?

  • Google Analytics deepdive & link clicks (via Page Analytics when available)
  • Scroll analysis
  • Bottleneck identification
  • Content intent checks
  • Attribution model comparison & checks
  • Initial recommendations


£6,965 +VAT

Is it for you?

Businesses who know what area of the site needs work, but need further analysis to have a more thorough understanding of what’s happening. Clients who’ve carried out and implemented the CRO Initial Audit may want to continue the path here to get more in-depth data.

What’s included?

  • VWO analysis of key bottlenecks
  • Grouping repeated issues into core areas for improvement
  • UX journey mapping – Identify key entrance points and leaving points
  • Identify core page UX elements causing issues & suggest improvements
  • A/B test recommendations
  • Recommendations to implement and analyse success
  • Basic accessibility checks & recommendations


£8,955 +VAT

Is it for you?

Large scale websites that need more qualitative research to further understand their users. This includes talk-throughs with CRO experts and target market users, large scale, and make complete UX design recommendations.

What’s included?

  • User review testing on-mass
  • UX remote user testing review calls/videos with target demographics
  • Lab-based & focus group – side by side with a CRO specialist to view and guide users, with a note taker identifying key bottlenecks & reactions
  • Focus group Information Architecture Card Sort
  • Eye tracking
  • Biometric UX
  • Site design recommendations


Available on enquiry

CRO & insights retainer

Recommended 5 days PCM, ongoing

Who is it for?

Businesses looking for ongoing support and A/B testing, ideally off the back of silver & gold audits to allow for targeted changes, as well as businesses that need additional support with GA4 and specific analysis deep dives.

What’s included?

  • Ongoing analysis &recommendations for A/B testing & VWO analysis
  • Custom reporting & support for GA4
  • Custom dashboards for Data Studio
  • Deep dives on demand
  • Setting up new A/B tests based on new data
  • Customer surveys & analysis (per half/quarter)
  • North Star Goal forecast


£4,975 +VAT

Based on £995 day rate (flexible)

Please note, discounts are available for existing Blue Array clients.

Conversion rate optimisation FAQs

What is conversion rate optimisation?

Conversion rate optimisation, often referred to as CRO, aims to improve the percentage of website traffic that converts.

This typically involves a comprehensive research phase to identify areas for improvement and to help generate hypotheses for your website. These hypotheses are then validated through methods such as A/B tests and user testing, and site changes which demonstrate a positive impact on conversions are rolled out permanently.

A successful CRO strategy should involve ongoing tests and website optimisations, ensuring that you maximise the revenue and profit brought in by your site traffic.

What is the difference between SEO and CRO?

While SEO (search engine optimisation) focuses on increasing your organic traffic across search engines such as Google, CRO looks to boost the percentage of traffic which converts. In this way, SEO and CRO actually compliment each other greatly, working hand-in-hand to enhance your organic sales.

It’s worth noting that CRO processes will look to increase conversions across traffic coming from all channels, not just organic. If a particular channel is underperforming, this is something we can identify and investigate further if needed.

Will CRO testing impact my organic rankings?

Our approach to CRO means that any testing will not negatively impact your organic rankings or traffic. A/B and multivariate tests run on the same URL so there are no duplicate content issues to worry about.

If anything, implementing an effective CRO strategy can actually lead to improvements in your organic performance, as continuous testing and optimisations should lead to improvements in your website’s overall content and usability – both of which are key to SEO success.

When tests are not conducted correctly, this can lead to problems, which is why working with an experienced CRO partner is advantageous. We can guide you through the process of setting up and running tests, or implement them ourselves depending on the level of support required.

Will the testing software slow down my website?

When it comes to implementing any testing software on your website, it’s essential to consider the potential impact on site performance. Fortunately, we’ve taken great care in selecting tools that strike a delicate balance between enhancing your website’s conversion potential and minimising any adverse effects on its speed. For example, VWO uses lightweight, asynchronous code which loads seamlessly and in parallel with your website, ensuring there is no noticeable impact on load times. Rest assured, you can confidently integrate VWO on your site while know that your visitors will continue to enjoy a fast and responsive browsing experience.

How much website traffic do we need?

We cater to businesses of all sizes, which means we work with websites with all levels of traffic.

If your website does have very low levels of traffic (e.g. less than 5,000 sessions per month), we will discuss the best approach and tailor your strategy to ensure you still get maximum value. In some cases, it may make more sense to explore our SEO services initially, in order to grow your traffic before visiting CRO at a later date.

Can we just do user testing (or another service), instead of one of your full CRO packages?

If you’re interested in a bespoke package, please get in touch and we’ll be happy to discuss your requirements.

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