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Why should I invest my seed or series funding in SEO?

Posted by on November 23, 2023

When you’re on a startup journey, weighing up where to invest your funding is one of the biggest initial decisions you’ll face. There’s a huge amount of factors to consider, especially when you have a range of stakeholders to answer to and key objectives you want to quickly achieve. So when it comes to deciding […]

SEO for challenger brands

Posted by on June 14, 2023

Getting someone to buy something they don’t know they need, from a business they’ve never heard of, now that’s a tough sell. Breaking into a new industry is never easy, and for start-ups the challenge is multiplied. Your competition has more money, more resources and more customers. When you have less of everything, how can […]

10 SEO mistakes startups make

Posted by on May 15, 2023

If you’re ready to bring your brand to a wider audience then SEO deserves a prime slot in your digital marketing mix. Whether you’re a start-up who wants to be found online, or a scale-up looking to increase your digital footprint, SEO can help build brand awareness and deliver long-term, sustainable revenue growth. Whilst it […]