What is Blue Array Ignite?

Blue Array Ignite is an invite only 12-month cohort specifically designed to boost organic traffic for startup and scale-up companies. It’s perfect for young companies looking to start taking SEO seriously.

The programme allows us to work with some of the most exciting young companies around and scale through organic traffic together as a genuine partnership.

We run the Ignite Programme on a cohort basis, offering you a genuine sense of community with other startups and scale-up companies with similar growth ambitions.

Is my business eligible?

The Blue Array Ignite Programme is by invite only and has several eligibility requirements including an interview process.

Requirements include:

External funding

You’ve completed an external funding round (Series A onwards preferred)

Business age

Your business is under 5 years of age

Employ less than 50 people

You currently employ less than 50 people


You have an ‘implementer’ within your business

If your business doesn’t quite meet these requirements then please feel free to get in touch with us.

What’s the difference between Blue Array’s core SEO services and Ignite?

Fundamentally both services are designed to increase organic traffic. So you might wonder what’s different about Blue Array Ignite. Blue Array started out by working with many startups & scale-ups, so we know the highest value contributions businesses in this position need to make to kickstart their SEO efforts. Ignite is a specifically designed programme so we can grow your business and in turn, our business with you.

One of the biggest differences is the seniority of members of the Blue Array team that you’ll have direct access to. As a member of Ignite, you’ll have one of our Senior SEO Executives or an experienced SEO Executive as your dedicated account manager. This allows us to offer you a blended day rate and ultimately, more startup-friendly pricing.

The accessible pricing combined with the cohort structure of the programme means that Ignite offers a truly unique solution for businesses looking to kickstart their SEO growth.

In summary

  • More accessible pricing for startups
  • Operates on a quarterly cohort basis
  • Senior SEO Executive or an experienced SEO Executive as your account manager

How do cohorts work for Blue Array Ignite?

The Ignite Programme runs on a quarterly basis, with a new cohort starting each quarter (January, April, July, and October). Each cohort runs for 12 months regardless of when you join. This means that you’ll be in the same boat as other scale-up companies who have similar growth ambitions, presenting you with a great opportunity for networking and general knowledge sharing.

During your 12-month period in the programme, there will be opportunities to meet and speak with your cohort members through various networking events such as breakfast mornings, evening events and more.

In summary

  • Quarterly cohorts starting in January, April, July, and October
  • Cohorts run for 12 months
  • Networking opportunities with other scale-up companies within the same cohort (or a similar timeframe)

What happens after the 12 months are completed?

At the end of the 12-month period, we’ll conduct an annual review to reflect on performance and measure organic growth. This will enable you to effectively assess the benefits of the programme.

We’re confident that after just 12 months, your business will be in a great position in terms of organic traffic. At this point, you’ll have the opportunity to transition over to our Advantage or Performance SEO services – as these will be more suitable for you.

In summary

  • An opportunity to move over to our Advantage service or to Performance SEO after the 12 months is completed
  • Conduction of annual review to reflect on performance

Is SEO right for my scale-up company?

We truly believe that SEO is worth investing in for any company. However, to get the most out of the Ignite Programme, we’d recommend you tick the following boxes:

  • Organic search has been identified as a core part of your business strategy
  • You have a unique product or service offering that stands out from competitors
  • You’re able to implement recommendations
  • You can make impactful changes to your website when required
  • You’re invested for the long-term

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