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We do SEO our own way. Because it works.

Why Use Blue Array?

Frustrated with our own use of agencies, we wanted to do things differently. So we developed the Blue Array way of doing SEO.

Why Use Blue Array?

SEO – and only SEO

Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we focus exclusively on SEO. That’s because we know that it’s the one channel that outperforms all others in results and return on investment. And we believe that if something’s worth doing, it’s worth doing properly. So it’s all we do.

Getting to know you

As a specialist agency, you won’t find us trying to scale our techniques across too many clients. Our focus is on you and your business, from your company culture and values to the people who make you who you are. We believe that by taking the time to get to know you, we’ll be in a better position to understand exactly what you want to achieve from your SEO project. That translates to great results and high return on investment.

SEO the Blue Array way

Years of SEO experience have taught us that a 60/40 split between onsite and offsite optimisation is the most effective way to get your site crawled, indexed and ranked by search engines. We ask our clients to commit to some onsite development to help us get the best possible results.

A Blue Array SEO project gets underway with an initial consultation period that we like to call our ‘SEO runway’. This gives us an in-depth look at your current situation before your project launches. It allows us to develop a long-term strategy that will enable us to deliver the big results we know you’re expecting.

Focusing first on the quick wins that help give your rankings a boost, our SEO projects are designed to unfold over a number of months for sustainable growth. We’ll give your developers anything between 10 and 50 things to implement on your website for SEO success, each of which should take less than half a day to complete.

Keeping you in the loop

We monitor the success of your project daily, and you’ll receive a detailed monthly report so that you know exactly how your project is going. Because search engine rankings are now personalised to each individual user, we measure the success of your project based on converting non-brand organic search visitors. We’ll also keep you abreast of any important industry developments that may have an impact on your business.

Find out more

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