SEO Recruitment

SEO Recruitment by Blue Array

You’re only as good as the people you hire and the demand for SEO practitioners is high. The ever-changing nature of SEO and the need to retain talent also makes training, development and support a must.
SEO Recruitment by Blue Array

That’s where we come in…

Whether you are in urgent need of a Head of SEO, an SEO Manager or struggling to hire junior SEO practitioners, we have the expertise and years of experience to help recruit the very best talent in the business for you and to ensure they’re fully supported in their role.
We also review thousands of SEO applications per year, and have grown our agency to over 50 experts thanks to our world-class training program, The Blue Array Academy alongside the mentoring from our senior team members. With the Blue Array Academy, we can provide structured training for your junior to mid-level practitioners whilst they’re working for you full-time over the course of three months.

How does the Blue Array Recruitment process work?

Lets talk

Step 1

Let’s talk. We want to find out what an ideal hire looks like for your organisation. If we can understand your culture and ambitions, we won’t waste your time with candidates that aren’t a good fit.
Network share

Step 2

We place job ads on your behalf across all the major job portals and advertise the role through our industry network via Social Media and our popular newsletters. Plus we have a pool of thousands of direct applications to draw from. The role can be advertised on your website or ours, or both.

Step 3

We rigorously screen and assess applicants for you and ensure they’ll make a good team fit. Using elements of the tried and tested process that we use for our own employees, we’ll work with you to develop a suitable approach for your role so we can assess candidate capabilities thoroughly.
Team fit

Step 4

We finally involve you and your team with up to four candidates for a final ‘bar raiser’ stage and for you to ensure they’ll make a good team fit.
Final selection

Step 5

You make a final selection and make the candidate a job offer.
Ongoing support

Step 6

We then discuss ongoing support, training and development of your hire, with or without the retained services of Blue Array.

Features and pricing


For junior and mid-level (‘Manager’) roles we provide your chosen recruit with our intensive three month training program, the Blue Array Academy. That’s included in our prices below. Blue Array Academy


To discover the ‘Blue Array Way’. Introduction fees are far less than a recruitment consultant and start at 20% of annual salary or £5,000 + VAT (whichever is greater). This is a one-time fee.


We can also provide ongoing mentoring, support and additional training every month with our retained SEO services to ensure your hire is getting the right guidance. Prices start from £950 per day + VAT for a minimum of four days per month. If you’re already using our services, there’s no extra to pay, we’ll ensure our ongoing support is an educational process for your new hire.
Company Culture Awards We won Best Employee Development Programme award at the Company Culture Awards 2021!


I’m an agency owner, can I also use your recruitment service?

Yes, absolutely.

Can we also screen the candidates with you?

Yes, you can be involved as little or as much as you like in the interview process and you’re welcome to be included in the presentation stage as well.

Are you GDPR compliant, for instance with CV sharing?

We take our legal responsibilities very seriously and you’ll be asked to sign a Data Processing Agreement (DPA) to comply with the GDPR under the restricted transfer rules.

Do you have an exclusivity term?

Yes. Because of the high investment of our time in screening and interviewing candidates we require a six calendar week exclusivity term.

Are candidates required to complete a task?

All candidates have to perform some kind of presentation to the Blue Array team. This varies based on the role and we can have the candidate repeat the presentation for you.

What if the new hire leaves?

Where the person leaves during the first 12 weeks of the engagement, a partial refund of the introduction fee shall be paid in accordance with the scale set out below (subject to additional conditions set out in the agreement).
Week in which the new hire leaves % of introduction fee refunded
1-4 100%
5-8 75%
9-12 50%

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