Keyword Universe and IA

At Blue Array, our keyword research isn’t just a checklist, it’s a strategic and SEO focused approach to the organisation of a website.

We prioritise a deep understanding of a product or service and client buyer personas to uncover all areas related to our clients’ target markets, giving them the best chance of success.

How it works

Unique onboarding to drive success

Every client has an onboarding workshop with our Customer Success and delivery teams. This opening touchpoint is our chance to understand the business in-depth and its challenges.

Encompassing customer personas, brand guidelines, and planned future campaigns, products and services, this enables us to prioritise the essentials and reveal untapped opportunities, even before the research starts.

Comprehensive keyword research

We compile an in-depth keyword list from multiple trusted sources, varying depending on industry to broaden our perspective beyond the typical tools including SERP (search engine results pages) data.

This nuanced understanding of an audience’s search behaviour and SERPs presentation is enhanced by our findings from a client’s onboarding workshop, ensuring we’re visible for the things important to their audience.

AI-driven keyword clustering

We leverage industry-leading AI and Machine Learning to cluster the keywords based on semantic similarity and current site categorisation. These clusters form the basis of our future strategy Information Architecture.

Prioritised content strategy

We analyse topic clusters suitable for existing website pages and identify the need to adjust existing pages and for new page creation, enabling us to build a focused and prioritised content strategy.

Our keyword research and clustering help to curate a content calendar that aligns with key seasonal periods that a given industry experiences while also highlighting important evergreen topics that should perform well year after year.

Detailed information architecture

Aligned with comprehensive competitor analysis and a deep understanding of your business and target audience, we leverage topic clusters to improve a website’s Information Architecture. This takes a holistic approach to site structure, prioritising crawlability, indexing issues, or structural changes a site may need to perform well in organic search.

The impact



+971% Increase in organic visibility from the start of the project to our current visibility.

After coming on board in 2020, Global FinTech brand, GoCardless, was struggling to break away from competitors and increase its visibility in the UK.

After creating a detailed keyword universe for them, we conducted specific, localised keyword research for every piece of content, driven by an ongoing keyword ‘gap analysis’ to address all relevant topics.

We focused on creating content that would target all stages of the conversion funnel. In the beginning, we focused on informational content, these awareness pieces were key to increasing topical authority in the Fintech space.

We combined this with content that was more transactionally focused, targeted at specific sub-personas and utilising longer tail keywords.

This led to a +971% increase in organic visibility from the start of the project to our current visibility.

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