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What does a startup SEO audit include?

Our startup SEO audits provide bespoke recommendations to help you start ranking for relevant queries and scale organically. Each audit varies based on website maturity, industry, and company goals. We aim to cover the following:

  • Competitor and keyword gap analysis
  • Content recommendations
  • Website structure and internal linking suggestions
  • Technical SEO considerations to address
  • Key strategic enablers to prioritise


What do I need to do for the audit to take place?

All you need to do is complete the form above, and a member of the Blue Array team will reach out to let you know the next steps. We usually set up a 15-minute introduction call to ask you a few questions before we get started.

Do I need to give you access to my website?

We don’t require access to your website. If you have set up Google Search Console, then it helps for us to have access. Equally, we’ll ask for a list of competitors or aspirational websites in your industry.

How long does the audit take?

We aim for a 1 to 2-week turnaround, but this will depend on the number of audits that we’re conducting at any given time. We’ll always communicate timelines with you before starting.

How detailed will the audit be?

The audit will cover the key pillars of SEO and will be influenced by our initial conversations and factors such as your industry and website maturity. The audit will provide clear strategic enablers for the short and long-term future. However, Blue Array will not go into your content management system (CMS) and make changes for you.

What happens after the audit?

The audit deck, any accompanying resources, and the video recording of our playback meeting will be accessible at all times after delivery. We’ll also provide honest recommendations for your next steps to achieve organic success, which may include joining the Blue Array Ignite programme.

What is Blue Array Ignite?

Blue Array Ignite is an invite only 12-month cohort specifically designed to boost organic traffic for startup and scale-up companies. It’s perfect for young companies looking to start taking SEO seriously.

The programme allows us to work with some of the most exciting companies around and scale together together over the period.

We’ll build a collaborative roadmap that covers the fundamentals of SEO – such as content,