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Adding the SEO layer to PR



Securing high-quality coverage in publications which are read and respected by your customers.

Summary of the offering

Securing high-quality coverage in publications which are read and respected by your customers. Delivering a measurable impact in sales, leads or online registrations, specifically helping to impact:

Referral Traffic


Direct Traffic


Direct Traffic

Organic Search
Engine Rankings

Why us?

Unlike many other digital marketing agencies, we focus exclusively on SEO. It’s the one channel that outperforms all others in delivering a return on investment.

By being accountable to SEO performance, and working to North Star metrics, Blue Array is uniquely placed to consult and secure the type of coverage and links that deliver impact.

Working with some of the fastest growing companies in Europe, we’ve developed an understanding of the factors that Google values when ranking websites. We apply the same strict methodology when carrying out our Content Marketing and Digital PR.

To ensure we deliver excellence to our clients we’ve created tenets that include:

  • An absolute veto on any paid links or black hat techniques
  • Total alignment with your brand – ensuring content we share emulates the tone and voice customers have come to trust
  • An end to end managed process so you don’t have to take on additional responsibility
  • Full accountability for results. If high-quality links we build to your site every month fail to correlate with movement to the key performance metric, we’ll identify the reason, communicate with you, and iterate the process to ensure success

How is the activity broken down?
(Offsite vs Onsite)


Competitions, Awards, Surveys, Badges, Statistics in Visual Form, Data-led stories, Interviews, CEO profiles, Bylines and Industry Commentary


Ebooks, Downloadable content eg. PDFs (lead capture), Podcasts, Images, Badges, Calculators and Tools, Opinion Pieces (controversial/unique)

Monitoring and Reporting

We tie the results of our activity to specific goals – “North Stars” – (outlined with you at month one). We’ll track results and report to you monthly, on:

  • Backlinks acquired
  • Brand placements
  • Increases in organic traffic to key URLs
  • Increases in referral traffic from sources where we have placed links

Pricing & What You Can Expect

4 days retainer priced at £850 per day plus VAT

£3,400 +VAT

billable monthly

Every month you will receive:

  • Placements on websites that have the propensity to deliver traffic and revenue growth
  • Deep links to non-homepage URLs
  • A Data Studio report that ties our activity to organic success

Frequently Asked Questions

Why are you doing this?

Our mission is to accelerate the organic performance of your business by delivering phenomenal ROI. Backlinks are still one of the major ranking signals in Google’s algorithm and acquiring them should be an essential component of your SEO strategy.

We already pay a monthly SEO consultancy retainer with you – isn’t that enough?

Our technical SEO recommendations and ongoing SEO consultancy provide a solid foundation but external links remain an important ranking factor.

What. You’re becoming a branding agency?

No. Working with your brand guidelines and existing internal teams and PR resource, we will work to ensure a consistent and cohesive message. Our focus is on accelerating your organic performance, chiefly through acquiring third party links to your website.

How do I know whether or not its right for our business?

Our digital PR & content marketing service is designed around robust goals which enable us to deliver even greater impact. We’ll outline a ‘North Star’ metric with you at month one and all digital PR activity will be tied back to achieving that goal.

Case Study

How Digital PR & SEO delivered Floom 129% YoY growth


The Client


Industry & Target Location

Flower Delivery, London, Edinburgh, New York & LA

Time Period

12 Months

Organic Uplift (The Results)

129% Organic YoY Growth


By plugging Floom into opportunities from UK journalists writing industry relevant articles (using the Blue Array PR tool, PressPull) we were able to earn exposure and links from high-quality, authoritative websites that supplemented our on-page SEO strategy.

Links were all naturally acquired: Anchor text was often branded or a naked URL pointed to the homepage, and articles in which we placed links all high-quality, human-curated material.

Links were generated naturally throughout the course of the year without a pattern in the rate of their acquisition.

These two points are important in ensuring we are completely safe from both manual penalties as well as algorithmic penalties (via Penguin) both now, as well as for the future


The placements we achieved were from well-read, high-quality sources, including UK publishers such as The Telegraph

Placement in eg. The Telegraph is powerful at generating brand awareness as well as driving direct website traffic.

We also gained 17 placements with backlinks which helped increase organic visibility and traffic to the website. We were featured in authoritative publications such as

All PR was naturally acquired over the course of 12 months via industry commentary or quotes. No paid links. Ever.

We left anchor text entirely to the journalists’ discretion. The rate and pattern of acquisition occurred evenly across the year.


Over 12 months Blue Array supplemented the organic strategy of Floom, helping them to achieve 129% organic YoY growth (2018 over 2017) and break into highly competitive foreign markets, including New York and Los Angeles.

This strategy is just one component of Blue Array’s complete Digital PR offering (priced at £3,400 +VAT per month). Do you want proven sustainable SEO growth? Find out how Blue Array can help you.