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2017 SEO year in review

Posted by on November 13, 2017

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SEO landscape for 2017   In a whistle-stop tour through the undulating landscape of SERPs, we take a look at the more prevalent changes that 2017 has brought and what this has meant for an SEO’s day job. From the growing popularity of voice assistants, a sharp rise in websites migrating on the ‘https’ train […]

Video featured snippets – Should marketers be optimising for them?

Posted by on November 7, 2017

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Video snippets are starting to appear increasingly in Google’s SERPs, often replacing the “traditional” text-based featured snippets we have now seen for a few years.   With this being a fresh new tactic, it seems many are trying to optimise their videos to gain this featured snippet position. However, are we focusing on this prematurely? […]

How to remove duplicates from Google Sheets using Mac OS’s terminal

Posted by on November 2, 2017

Content and KeywordsSEOTechnical SEO

How to remove duplicates from Google Sheets using Mac OS’s terminal. We have recently come across a few issues while using Google Sheets & Excel to process large amounts of keyword data; namely to combine and deduplicate competitor data when doing a keyword gap analysis. Doing this sort of process within Google Sheets can take […]

Annotating the Internet – The future version of online

Posted by on November 1, 2017


When Rap Genius co-founders Tom Lehman, Ilan Zechory and Mahbod Moghadam first walked into the offices of A16Z, the trio evoked the image of a Beastie Boys video shoot casting audition. Loud, brash, and aggressive, the three were decked out in a set of Nike Airs, shades and expletive t-shirts apiece. When Ilan’s old boss […]

Are Google giving conflicting information about hreflang?

Posted by on October 30, 2017

GoogleTechnical SEO

A recent tweet by Google Webmasters, picked up by the ever-vigilant Barry Schwartz in a Search Engine Roundtable article, suggested that the hreflang attribute should not be implemented when the pages only include minor regional changes. In this instance – differences in the currency used across multiple English language speaking pages.   However, on Google’s […]

Why you should be using content marketing and how to ensure it works for you

Posted by on October 29, 2017

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Almost every business is now using content marketing in their business strategies – content marketing was rated the most important technique for driving incremental sales this year by ‘Smart Insights’ in their 2017 marketing trends article Content marketing can offer huge potential business growth in many forms and mediums. However, if the content you are […]

Spammy structured data markup? How to review your AggregateRating Schema

Posted by on October 29, 2017


Whether through an innocent mistake or malicious intent, Google is still cracking down heavily on  webmasters whose schema markup violates their strict Structured Data Guidelines and Webmaster Guidelines. Schema (or Structured Data Markup) provides webmasters with a way to help search engines better understand the content of a webpage. When correctly implemented, the markup can […]

Changing careers from SEO to Developer

Posted by on October 23, 2017

SEOTechnical SEO

Caroline Wilson has had a stratospheric career to date. From SEO executive at Zoopla the £1bn IPO unicorn where she transitioned to Search Manager and then Performance Marketing Manager, she then went to Movebubble as their CMO and Bizzby as their Head of Digital Growth.   Not entirely satisfied with the world of marketing Caroline […]

What does backlink analysis look like today for SEO?

Posted by on October 17, 2017


What does backlink analysis look like for the modern day SEO? Is it important to still monitor links or utilise the Disavow tool. Should you even care?   Links have been consistently in the top three ranking factors for SEO and because of the relative ease of manipulating this signal, Google have been penalising sites […]

Flexible Sampling from Google has replaced First Click Free

Posted by on October 8, 2017

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Google have removed First Click Free (FCF) as a requirement for walled content in News and Search citing that publishers know what strategy works for them. Google now actively encouraging publishers to experiment with different free sampling schemes, as long as they stay within the updated webmaster guidelines. We reached out to Google representatives to […]

Index Coverage Status report – How to use it to understand and improve your website’s indexation

Posted by on October 4, 2017

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Google have been making big changes to Search Console over the last couple of months, including the introduction of a completely revamped Index Coverage Status report. Webmasters have always been able to access information about the number of webpages that are indexed on Google through Search Console’s Index Status Report. However the new feature (which […]