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Zoopla was originally founded in 2007 by Alex Chesterman and Simon Kain in London. A year later, the Zoopla website launched, and in 2009, Zoopla also acquired the PropertyFinder Group. Together the companies had a combined annual income of £7 million.

In 2011, Zoopla went on to acquire a historical database of UK house prices which was to help their business significantly. 2012 saw all of the groups be merged into what is known today as the ZPG (Zoopla Property Group).

Today, Zoopla is a popular property website and app used by those looking to buy or rent a home in the UK. There are over a million properties for website visitors to browse and clever tools to filter searches too. They've expanded this offering further by offering commercial properties for sale and rent, overseas properties and partnerships with local and national property agents to support their users.

With its house prices feature, homeowners can find out the value of their home, the stats for their local area and even up-to-date property valuations if they're considering selling. Suitable for both individuals and business owners, Zoopla is a one-stop-shop for renting and buying.

Key selling points:

  • The Zoopla website is easy to use and features several filters to help refine your searching process and save time!
  • Commercial business owners can search for suitable lettings using Zoopla
  • Zoopla also allows you to find UK based agents
  • In addition to its search tool, Zoopla also offers a wealth of advice in the form of guides for renters, buyers, and other things such as running costs.