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Receipt Bank is a relatively new business having been established in 2010. However, in its decade of operations, it has grown to be one of the most innovative technology businesses in the UK.

One of the main missions that helped to establish Receipt Bank was the realisation of how time-consuming and often complex accountancy can be. Receipt Bank has stepped up to provide accountants and bookkeepers with the ultimate online tool. Designed with bookkeeping in mind, Receipt Bank makes it easier than ever to keep track of business finances.

As one of the leading accountancy tools online, Receipt Bank has built a strong reputation for itself over the years. Providing both software and services for the gathering, storage, and process of bills, they allow full automation of accounts payable.

The company has also developed a Receipt Bank app, which gives customers the ultimate freedom to manage their account on the go, wherever they are.

Originally founded in the U.K. by Michael Wood and Alexis Prennith, its headquarters were established and still remain in London. Because of their flexibility, small businesses as well as a larger business now benefit from their services.

Key selling points:

  • Customers can manage their Receipt Bank account from anywhere in the world at any time
  • Reduces accountancy costs for business owners
  • Automation is smoother leaving more time for other business operations
  • Uses world-class data extraction
  • Capture receipts instantly and store them with confidence
  • Offers secure cloud storage for total peace of mind.