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Every resident in the UK knows that the Post Office is a place to post parcels and letters, collect foreign currency for travel, and get passport photos done. However, before being established as the Post Office Ltd in 2001, the General Post Office had a long history.

Established by Charles II in 1660, the GPO quickly grew as a crucial organisation throughout the 17th century. Over 100 years after its establishment, the GPO introduced uniformed postmen in 1793.

Later, in 1829, the first purpose-built mail facility was constructed, located in St Martin's Le Grand, EC2. The adhesive stamp came to light in 1837, and just three years later the iconic Penny Black stamp was released. In the same century, the Post Office pillar box was invented, and the first military links with the Post Office were formed.

By 1914, the Post Office employed more than 250,000 people with nearly a quarter being enlisted in the army. This period also saw around 35,000 women b employed, who held pivotal roles in communications during WWII.

In 1969, the GPO transitioned into the Post Office for the very first time. Postal services were improved in 1974 when postcodes were introduced.

Since it's a mutual organisation, its independence has allowed many new strategic decisions. From network modernisation to establishing pop-up services in shops, the Post Office continues to evolve.

Key selling points:

  • Quick and convenient services ranging from parcel postage to currency exchange
  • Passport application forms can be picked up from the Post Office
  • Offers saving accounts for customers and Post Office cards.