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Publishing – media magazines


UK, USA, Australia


Chris Anderson, the head of TED (of TED Talk fame), founded Future in 1985 in his then hometown of Somerton, Somerset. Publishing just one magazine, tech title Amstrad Action, the publication was the first in the country to include free software on its covers. The magazine rocketed in popularity and by 1994, it acquired a US publishing house to rebrand as its American operation, and sold the whole company for over £50 million.

Anderson bought back Future after just four years, and saw the company through to an IPO on the FTSE 250 in 1999. Within two years, it published the official magazines of the three major games console manufacturers (then and still Microsoft, Nintendo and Sony), and took on a variety of new titles. It sold off several magazines to other companies and acquired some too, including expanding its operations into Australia.

Since 2016, Future’s focus has been on expansion through both print and digital media, with a number of business acquisitions made. The company now publishes over 50 different magazines, spanning a variety of topics including (but by no means limited to) home, general knowledge, films, music, technology, video games, music and photography. Some of Future’s more recognisable print titles include Guitarist, Metal Hammer, Homes & Gardens, PC Gamer and Women’s Weekly.

Key selling points:

  • A renowned print and digital title list
  • Strong history of business acquisitions and sales
  • A varied portfolio of print and digital products
  • Annual operating revenue of over £220 million.