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Blue Array lead the way in SEO automation in exclusive partnership with

Blue Array, the UK’s largest specialist SEO agency, are excited to announce an industry changing partnership with, a leading SEO automation tool, to deliver on Performance SEO™.

The future of automation in SEO is to play an even more significant role in the coming years as AI and machine learning capabilities develop, allowing for greater scalability, cost and operational efficiencies for the industry. Blue Array is pleased to be paving the way for their clients as one of the first agencies to implement this technology in an exclusive partnership with As industry leaders, Blue Array take their responsibility to move SEO forward very seriously. Blue Array is committed as a business to a bold vision of delivering Performance SEO™ to the majority of customers by the end of 2026.

Performance SEO™ uses’s no-code SEO automation solution to deliver value from day one. Through a simple server API integration, the challenge of needing client-side engineering resources is fully eliminated. Blue Array has the ability to clean up low-value pages, build new pages, update internal links and automate content creation all through a click of a button. A/B tests can be set up to measure the impact of such changes and roll back when needed.

Simon Schnieders, Founder and CEO said “We’re all very excited at Blue Array to be partnering with and executing on a vision which ultimately benefits our team, customers and industry. With the ever growing demand for SEO automation, we have recognised that this is a priority for our clients and enables them to grow and have increasingly better performance in the long term. Working with enables them to hit their north star goals and helps us to deliver gold star performance for our clients.

Robin Allenson, Co-Founder and CEO of said “We’re tremendously proud that Blue Array have chosen’s unparalleled ability of no-code SEO execution to help lead this industry disrupting change”.

Effective immediately, Blue Array are offering select e-commerce clients the ability to choose Performance SEO™ over the traditional day rate retainer or project model. Initially beginning with the e-commerce industry, Blue Array will start to expand into being industry agnostic as soon as is practically possible.

At this time, Performance SEO™ is by invitation only.

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