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Blue Array SEO Launches Blue Array Academy

Posted by David Gale on February 17, 2020

Blue Array News

SEO specialists ‘open source’ training in new Blue Array Academy

The UK’s largest specialist SEO agency Blue Array has today launched The Blue Array Academy, offering courses that teach SEO to both in-house SEOs and agency staff. The courses, hosted by TV presenter Georgie Barrat from The Gadget Show, have been created at the highest industry standards using the same tactics and strategies Blue Array use to drive success for their customers.

The Academy is the first in a unique series of courses that target specific levels of SEO experience tailored to both in-house and agency. In addition, the Academy offers training for hiring managers to help them recruit the right people – using the same tactics Blue Array uses to recruit its own SEOs. Blue Array’s induction means the UK’s fastest-growing specialist SEO agency has essentially ‘open sourced’ their internal training.

“It was important for us to use the same methodology in our Academy courses as we do with Blue Array clients,” Blue Array Founder and CEO Simon Schnieders said.

“The decades of experience and expertise within the company mean that we have high standards for our content, which makes our Academy different than the fairly ‘vanilla’ offerings currently out there.”The Blue Array team, Schnieders included, have directly contributed to the course, which is made up of 21 course modules: 137 videos, 31 tasks and 15 quizzes. At the end of the course, students will be issued an industry-recognised certificate of completion. The technical lessons are covered in part by Tom Pool, who leads the Advanced Technical training at BrightonSEO and was recently named Young Search Professional of the Year at the UK Search Awards.

“We recognise that no one can truly know everything at expert levels – we cover 15 different areas of SEO. So, we’ve used the entire Blue Array team to find out who has the most expertise on each topic and have chosen that person to lead that individual module,” Schnieders said.

The coaching-based programme is completely aligned with search engines guidelines and industry best practice, as well as being tried-and-tested knowledge, as it’s the same methodology used with Blue Array clients.

“We give you all the templates to perform the tasks yourself within your business whilst you learn, which means you can start bringing results in your organisation right away. A hiring manager can have an employee learn SEO, but also expect to bring results in the first 2 to 6 months as the learnings are implemented,” Schnieders added.

“SEO’s often need to sift through a lot of erroneous resources in order to get SEO training,” Blue Array Head of SEO Kim Dewe said.

“With a Blue Array certification we’re confident learners will come away with a comprehensive understanding of actionable SEO strategy. We don’t hold back on anything: We give a lot.”

For more information and to access the 10 lessons included in the free course preview, visit

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