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Emily Isaac

Emily is an SEO Manager, with digital experience both in-house and agency side. SEO has always had prominence throughout her career in digital marketing but copywriting is another big passion of Emily's. Outside the office, Emily is a keen cyclist. Follow her on Twitter @Originalisaac

Posts by Emily Isaac

Voice search – How is it reshaping search results?

Posted on January 13, 2018

“Ok, Google- play ‘Toto’s Africa’”… Sound familiar? How many times this week have you used your smartphone or home assistant to answer burning questions such as; “How much does the latest iPhone X cost?”, “What will the weather be like today?” or far more importantly “What time does The Red Lion close on Friday?”. With […]

2017 SEO year in review

Posted on November 13, 2017

SEO landscape for 2017   In a whistle-stop tour through the undulating landscape of SERPs, we take a look at the more prevalent changes that 2017 has brought and what this has meant for an SEO’s day job. From the growing popularity of voice assistants, a sharp rise in websites migrating on the ‘https’ train […]

User generated reviews & content – What is it & why should your company be using it?

Posted on September 29, 2017

Any person looking to invest, purchase or subscribe to something online will invariably find themselves asking the same question; “can I trust them?”   As a brand, building trust with potential customers can be hard enough in real life with physical products to browse, so gaining a potential buyer’s trust online without a human presence […]