Enstract is a WordPress Plugin that categorises your content via Machine Learning

Enstract utilises Google’s Natural Language Processing (NLP) technology to extract the entities (people, places and things) associated with your WordPress content to categorise (or cluster) your posts and/or pages.

WordPress already has categories and tags you can add, though Enstract will instead tell you what categories are best for your content based on these entities and their salience (a way to measure the content relevancy).


Think of these as ‘smart categories’ for your content powered by Machine Learning, saving you valuable time

  • The Enstract plugin works for users by creating and displaying clear topic clusters that your readers can explore in-depth via links in your content. These clusters are then displayed much the same way as a typical category page in WordPress.
  • For SEO (search engine optimization) this clustering demonstrates that you have expertise in these areas, which can help search engine users explore related queries in depth.
  • Blue Array built Enstract to replicate the success large news publishers see from SEO and UX with entity mining software such as Mail Online, CNBC and the Guardian.
  • Publishers large and small can now access the same technology powering some of the worlds most successful online newspaper websites.

We’re building Enstract to be platform agnostic. Initially we are releasing for WP users though expect all CMS’s in time. If you’re interested in enterprise versions of the Enstract Software, simply get in touch

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