Rob Clegg

Rob Clegg

Content Manager

Rob started in the field of tech and esports journalism and spent time working on writing and editing. After moving to London from South Africa, he found SEO and the role that it plays within Content as a whole. He has since been working for himself freelancing and contracting until joining Blue Array in 2021.

Rob took on the role of SEO Content Manager knowing that it would help him to grow in his career, giving him the chance to focus on SEO within Content. Now his focus has turned to creating compelling content that hits SEO standards, while still offering the reader a captivating experience.

We asked Rob: “If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?”

“I think I’d have to choose a place like Alaska, Canada, Norway or Finland. Definitely want to see the Northern Lights and have a go at dog sledding. Spending a couple of nights in one of those see-through domes in the freezing cold surrounded by snow sounds like the perfect holiday to me.”