Lydia Glass

Lydia Glass

SEO Manager

Lydia worked as an in-house digital marketing intern whilst studying, before moving onto agency life soon after graduating Newcastle University with a degree in English Literature. She never thought she’d end up in a tech-based role but got interested in SEO whilst working at a Social Media agency that offered an SEO service.

A few years on, SEO is just as interesting for Lydia as it was at the start and knowing that no two days are the same keeps her motivated and hooked on agency life. This led her to Blue Array in April 2021, where she has been ever since.

If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?

Mexico and Belize! (I’d go on one trip so I reckon I can say both!) They’ve been on my bucket list for years as I would love to learn about the culture and see the amazing beaches, caves and wonders of the world. I’m also a sucker for a margarita, especially when I can drink one on the beach.