Lucy Naudé

Lucy Naudé

SEO Executive

Coming from a longstanding accounting background, Lucy found that after a couple of years it was not engaging enough, and she set out on her Digital Marketing journey in 2016 where she was introduced to the world of SEO.

This simple yet powerful abbreviation has since held her attention with its ever evolving nature. Talking from experience it has been fun to play in all 3 arenas (black, gray and white hat methods of SEO), but nothing beats the longevity and rewards of white hat SEO.

Lover of cats and Minecraft. When not delved into the web, Lucy spends her free time painting on canvas in Acrylics and Oils. (oils are my fav)

Lucy has been honing her artistic skills in order to convey that same peace and grace to the viewer, offering a moment or pause & a feeling of deep belonging.