James Pearce

James Pearce

SEO Manager

James started his career in Digital in 2008, after a BA in Interactive Media at the University of Wales Newport, followed by a year at the Brighton Institute of Modern Music. After building websites, video marketing, and social media (Myspace anyone?) for his band, James went on to work for several businesses before joining the team at Blue Array. Including as Marketing Manager at Scientifica, an award winning manufacturing company, and most recently the Website & SEO Manager at Andertons Music Co, one of the largest music equipment retailers in the UK.

He’s always had a passion for website development, UX & content marketing, however James gravitated to SEO and increasingly wanted to dedicate himself to this area of Digital Marketing, while having broader business experience enabling him to have a holistic view to his approach.

We asked James “If you could visit any place in the world, where would you choose to go and why?”

I’ve always wanted to do a trip through Japan, from top to bottom - ideally for a few months. The culture, history, food, countryside and architecture all fascinate me! I’m especially interested in visiting the less populated areas of the country, fun fact, Japan is 90% uninhabited!