Gergana Andreeva

Gergana Andreeva

SEO Executive

In 2020 Gergana graduated from Northumbria University where she did her Masters’ Degree in Business Management with HR. As part of her program, she was involved in some digital marketing projects and she encountered SEO for the first time where she discovered her true passion.

Once Gergana uncovered her real interest she started looking for career opportunities outside the HR field and that is how she found her first SEO job.

Today Gergana is glad that she had the courage to make a career change and she is excited to continue exploring the SEO world as part of the incredible Bule Array Team.

What’s your favorite cartoon character, and why?
My all-time favorite cartoon character is Darwin Waterson from the Amazing World of Gumball. Darwin is the most positive character I have seen - he always tries to see the best in people and does not judge them. I would love to master this ability.