Enrico Chiodino

Enrico Chiodino

SEO Director

Enrico has been working in SEO for around 10 years in three different countries: Estonia, Italy, and the UK. He specialises in international e-commerce websites, and believes in a human-first SEO approach, based on behavioural analysis.

In 2017 he co-authored a book about user-first optimisation, and remembers the experience fondly.

Born and raised in Sardinia, he moved out of there in 2000 to follow his one real passion: discovering and communicating with people from different places and cultures. He now lives in London with one wife and two cats. He listens to (a lot of) concept rock music, reads a lot, and must eat one pizza a week.

We asked Enrico: “What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten?”;

“Well in Sardinia we have a couple of weird foods, my favourite being Casu Marzu, a semi-decomposed sheep cheese that contains live fly maggots: look for it online, I promise you won’t regret it”